Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sense of Humor

"When given the opportunity to harness your sense of humor, go for it!" ~Mama Hen
Little Chick had fun on Easter and that same week visiting our local zoo. We go there often and enjoy learning about all the animals. Little Chick's favorite is the pygmy marmoset monkey. On Easter we were strolling through as we have done so many times before and stopped to visit the tigers. I was happy they were awake and walking around. Before you knew it one of the tigers came right up to the enclosure in front of me and sprayed. Yes, I got sprayed! I was in shock. I said, "What just happened here? Is it raining?" Then a lady a little further down enlightened me on the fact that I had been sprayed by a tiger. Well, being dressed in Easter Sunday clothing could have made someone a little upset, but I just burst out laughing. I could not stop! I have not had a laugh like that in quite some time. I felt honored that the tiger chose me to spray. Who can say that they have been sprayed by a tiger in their lifetime? Not many. So, now Little Chick and I have fun when we think about our Easter and our tiger friend. This is a laugh that will live on. When the opportunity arises, make sure you have a great laugh!


  1. The photos are great! The albino peacock is amazing. the other peacock with the full spread is gorgeous. Little Chick is darling, as usual, and you are a sensational sport to get sprayed by a tiger and laugh at it! You'll have stories to tell when you're older LOL!!

  2. Cute pictures!
    I have the same favorite zoo animal as Little Chick!
    The peacocks are gorgeous!

  3. Sprayed by a tiger! Wow, that must mean good luck!! These are great pics. (Lewie's afraid of peacocks--lol.) Happy days!


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