Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Great Loss & Thanksgiving Thusday

"There is comfort in great loss.
It is a reminder of just how much we loved and were loved."
~Mama Hen
It is an absolutely gorgeous Thanksgiving Thursday and I feel so grateful for all that God has blessed me with. With great blessings, loss can leave a space that simply never can be filled again. Lately I have been missing my Dad so very much. Little Chick and I visit his grave and I am reminded of how much joy he brought to everyone each day. It saddens me that Little Chick never got to know him. I am very grateful that she has her Grandma to make up for that loss. Grandma Hen and Little Chick have a very special bond and enjoy their time together. I am grateful for my family and for having had such amazing parents!
Thanksgiving Thursday: 1.) Little Chick and my family. 2.) My Dad. I miss him every day. 3.) My mom, who is always there for us. 4.) The blessing of family love. 5.) Beautiful summer days.


  1. I know how you feel! I miss my dad too (and my parents being a couple). He's watching out for you and Little Chick for sure!!

    1. Oh Heather, there is not a day that goes by that I do not think of my Dad and miss him so much. I know all too well how you feel. Both our Dads are watching over us and our families. Have a good weekend my friend.

  2. When I first started reading, was worried that something had happened to your mom. I was so relieved when I read further. I know that you and your father were so close. It is so hard to lose those we love. I am glad you and Little Chick have your mom to share life's joys. Those relationships are such a blessing.

    1. Yes, my father and I were very close and no matter how much time passes I miss him very much with each passing day. I just wish that he could have known my daughter and been a part of her life. She would have loved that! I am so thankful for my mom. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! It is very hot here in Connecticut!


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