About Mama Hen

Since I was just a little girl I knew that my one true goal in life was to be a mommy. I wanted the quaint little house, white picket fence, loving husband and healthy happy children. I carried this dream with me until I was blessed in 2006 with my beautiful daughter. I remember when people would ask me in my twenties about my goals in life I would always reply with, "I can't wait to be a mom." I received the same response rather often of, "Oh you are so young, you have time for that." Then as I reached my thirties the question remained the same, and my response to people hadn't altered. It is just that people now responded to me with, "Oh, you are getting older now. Don't you want to have children? Don't waste time." I waited patiently for the right man to come along. I went through some doozies! I always had long relationships, and somehow it took me a while to set those roaming roosters free. I got married in 2004 and went through quite a bit of fertility challenges to finally become the mommy I had dreamt my whole life of being. I now have a quaint house, a hard working husband, a beautiful healthy happy daughter and one cute little yappy doggie. I don't have the white picket fence yet, but perhaps in time. I learned a lot through these past thirty nine years of trying to reach my goal. I learned that each day is an absolute blessing and should be cherished with every fiber of my being from sun up to sun down. I learned to hold on tightly to my dreams no matter what, but to accept that God has a plan and my wishes will be granted, however, not always in the way I had envisioned them-even better! I learned that we don't always know why we go through the challenges we are dealt, but there truly is a greater plan for us, so just hang in there. I learned that dreams are well worth waiting for. I love my daughter more than anything. She is my beautiful Little Chick!


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