Saturday, May 22, 2010

Smile Sunday

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may
look back and realize they were the big things."

Little Chick loves to go to carnivals! Last year we went to at least five and this year we are aiming to go to as many as we can! To see her face light up when we arrive at each fair is so beautiful! So far we have been to three.

Today I did not tell Little Chick where we were going, but I said I had a surprise for her. Both she and I LOVE surprises!! The entire ride in the car she asked me what her surprise would be. I explained that it would not be a surprise if I told her, but that she would really like it. She enjoyed this little game we were playing. When we arrived and I parked the car, Little Chick still could not see any rides. As we walked over a small hill, across the street and passed some trees, all of a sudden Little Chick started jumping up and down yelling, "The fair, the fair!" The next thing I knew, she grabbed my leg, kissed it, and then looked up at me with an enormous smile and said, "Oh thank you mommy. I am so excited. Thank you!!" I wanted to cry. It was the most sincere thank you I have ever gotten.

We had so much fun! Little Chick went on every ride they had for little munchkins. She also loved feeding the llamas, goats, and donkeys. It was a really great time and Little Chick had a smile from ear to ear. Happy Smile Sunday!

I will announce the winner of the raffle on Monday!!


  1. Aww! It looks like she had a ton of fun!
    It's things like this she'll remember when she's older :)

  2. Looks like ya'll had a great time! Carnival food is the best :)

  3. Looks like so much fun! Have a great Sunday!

  4. awwww what cute photos. Smile to die for. I love the way u start ur posts with the lovely quotes & this one i like.

  5. The big smiles tell it all :D

  6. That sounds like great fun. Who doesn't love a fair? :)

  7. Carnivals are so fun! I'm sure she'll remember those specials trips to the Carnivals, so so so fuN!

  8. Aw that sounds like such a sweet surprise!!

  9. I love this one! And I love the quote at the beginning - so true!
    Thanks, cousin...


  10. Thanks for visiting my blog! I am going to follow you.

    Cute photos! Your daughter looks so happy.

  11. She is adorable

    New Follower

  12. She is GORGEOUS!!!! Thank you for your comment and follow! I'm following too! What a lovely blog! Did you design it? Better Homes and Gardens made a comment right after yours on my blog



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