Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Thursday

"Not what we say about our blessings,
but how we use them,
is the true measure of thanksgiving."

It is Thanksgiving Thursday again and I am happy to take the time to reflect on the things that mean so much to me. Last week I started my post with the quote by Oprah Winfrey saying that we should keep a grateful journal and write five things we are thankful for each night. I wrote the five things I am most thankful for, which started with Little Chick and my family. I then gave thanks to having security (shelter, food, etc.) and for the gift of being able to see and hear this wonderful earth we are blessed with. I could and would always start with these on my list of five things. So this week I will of course put Little Chick and family first and then choose a different four. Here are my five blessings I am truly grateful for today:

1.) Little Chick and my family.
2.) Air conditioning (it was over 90 degrees today and humid).
3.) The ability to read.
4.) To live in a country where we have freedom and women's voices can be heard.
5.) To have a family who loves me so much!

What are your five blessings you are thankful for today?


  1. I love what you posted as number 4, I was just thinking about that today! I've been reading a book that goes back to the Civil War days and it made me think about all those men and women that fought for civil rights and wouldn't they be proud to see how much life has changed for everyone these days. Great things to be thankful for!

  2. Oh Air conditioning! a big thank to it from me too. Its sooo soo hot here that ant do without it. Love ur post!

  3. Totally agreeing with you on the air conditioning!

  4. seriously! Even being thankful to be literate is such a blessing! :) Great post! COme check out when im thankful for this week and link up :)

  5. I would also agree with your list! Gotta love AC and nothing beats my family :) I would also add sleep, coffee, grace, and forgiveness.

  6. (Sigh) Air conditioning! Plus family love and freedom, great things to be thanksful for.

    Thanks for the comment Mama Hen on my blog. My kids actually go on The picture with my son on the computer is of him on, haha! I love that website and I'm always telling other Mama's to try it out because it really IS an awesome website. I love it too!

  7. I am thankful for A.C. and for being literate also. Sometimes it is easy to forget being thankful for the things we take for granted!

    Thank you for visiting my blog! :) I am a new follower! :)

  8. I just became a follower of your blog. Feel free to follow me. Thanks so much for your visits and for your kind comments on my photography. I love the posts I've read of yours so far, and am looking forward to more of them!! :)

  9. 5 things I'm thankful for:
    my family, my work, my saxophone, my bike, the lovely flowers in our garden..... I could go on four hours....

  10. Nice list. Air conditioning is something we just take for granted, don't we?
    I'm thankful for that too! And to think that there are places in the world where it is hard to get it!

  11. AC Rocks! It was 95 here last weekend. Linking up at the Tarr Pit links on my blog as well. So glad to have you along!

  12. I'm thankful for so many things... five off the top of my head: my lovely husband; my parents; my friends; being able to travel; the wildlife in my garden; living in my perfect house... oh, I already went past five!

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