Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What I Wouldn't Do For Little Chick

"Great things are done when men and mountains meet."

Last Tuesday I called the guy who put our new jungle gym in our backyard and asked him when he would be bringing the door to the little house that came with it (something they forgot when installing). I also told him to bring a tire swing for a tree we have out back and an extra swing (to avoid any sad munchkins when there are more than two on a playdate). I gave him my credit card number and asked when he would be coming. He said as long as I have the chain on the tree they could come the next day. I said, "Great! I am heading to the hardware store right now. See you tomorrow."
So I picked up the chain and went home to take a look at the tree. Hmmmmmmmm! It was pretty big and very tall!!!! So, I journeyed to the garage and picked up the heavy ladder and walked it down our big hill out back. I proceeded to stretch it as long as it would go (about 14 feet or so) and then leaned it on the tree. As I was climbing I had some strong mommy thoughts. "What if I fall? What would Little Chick do?" The chain was heavy, but I got it over the branch. Feeling a bit shaky I scooted back down the ladder.

I went and called a friend of mine and told her I needed to get this chain up so they could deliver and hang the tire in the morning. I explained that I was afraid of falling and needed someone there just in case. The great friend that she is, she packed her three kids (ages four, two and five months) and came right over. We headed down the steep hill and while looking at the tree she gave me an "Are you crazy look." Anything for my Little Chick! Like a monkey I started to climb once again and it began to pour. So there I was scared and hanging from the branch with the chain around my neck trying to secure it. Thunder and lightning were added to this wonderful event and kids were running up the hill and by God I got it done. An entire week has passed and they seem to have forgotten to bring the swing. It's all good though! Little Chick will be so happy when they finally come! They say tomorrow! Let's hope!


  1. How sweet! I can't wait to hang a swing for lil' man (hopefully soon)! I'm sure she and her friend's will love the swings, should they ever arrive. Haha.

  2. What a cute blog! Can't wait to hear more about your adventures!

  3. Women will go to any length to make a child happy. Bravo to you, Mama Hen!!

  4. Ur recipe page wouldnt open. Wonder why?



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