Saturday, April 24, 2010

Let's Talk About Our Day

About a year ago I started a new tradition with Little Chick at bedtime. Every night we do the same routine. Little Chick likes to turn on her lullaby music and pick out a few books. She then says, "Who gets cozy first?" Then we both run to the bed and jump in. We get all snuggled up and read the stories and as I begin to close the final book Little Chick says, "Mommy turn the light off and let's talk about our day."

It wasn't until recently that I realized just how important this tradition had become for my daughter. A few times it got late and I tried to shorten the nightly regimen, but without hesitation Little Chick reminded me that we needed to talk about our day. So each night we turn out the light and begin our rundown of fun activities, things that bothered us, and our favorite moments.

Traditions come in all kinds of packages and can have such a positive impact on our lives. I began thinking about my own childhood and the things that meant the most to me. Most of them revolved around my family and the time we had together. Every Sunday was our big family breakfast. I looked forward to my mom cooking scrambled eggs, the smell of coffee brewing, and my dad cracking open the newspaper. After breakfast my father and I would play a few rounds of Backgammon. It was so simple and routine, but it was what I missed the most when my father passed away twelve years ago.

At this point in my life I am learning about the things that are truly meaningful to me, as well as the "stuff" we should let go and not waste time with. Losing my father was a hard and traumatic experience for me. But happily I can say that I had an amazing father who gave me the special memories of simply sitting at the table for a meal. It is this type of tradition that stays embedded in my mind and etched in my heart. So, even when the nightly routine begins a bit later, I make sure that Little Chick gets the pleasure of saying, "Mommy turn the light off and let's talk about our day."


  1. Traditions are priceless. I've lost track how many traditions I have. One of my favorite ones is back scratching before bedtime. My Gram did it for my father, my father did it for me, and I've started it with my daughter. She asks for it every night. I'm not sure if she enjoys it or if it is a way for her to stay up a little longer, but I enjoy it and she does too. I could go on forever about traditions. I've started to think and smile about all the ones in my life, so thank you!

  2. Thank you Mark! I really appreciate the support with my new blog!

  3. We always miss what we had, once we lose it. It's so important to keep family, and true friends, and the traditions we create, alive. It's not what we have, it's what we do and the memories we create that will live on. I heard a quote today that put it into perspective, "You never see a hearse pulling a U-Haul!"

  4. A little morbid Phill, but very true about missing what we had when we lose it. It is all about living in the moment and cherishing every second of it!


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