Friday, July 2, 2010

Do You Say Something?

"When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves." ~David Orr

Yesterday was another fantastic summer day with Little Chick! While we were eating breakfast in the morning I had the last minute decision to pack the car and head back to Massachusetts to our favorite Six Flags. It was such a beautiful day and we bought season passes, so why not? On our way I could not help but notice the spectacular clouds in the sky (snapped a shot above). I have mentioned that I have always liked looking up. It is a perspective that I think sometimes does not always get noticed. I love to look at the tops of trees, the clouds floating by and the birds flying around. The view today, however, was particularly amazing! I couldn't help but say out loud, "Thank you God!" Little Chick asked me why I said that and I told her to look out the window at the gorgeous clouds. She thought it was pretty incredible too!

As my journey up North continued I saw a bunch of garbage all over the grass between highways. I then saw about ten men in reflective jackets walking around picking up the trash. I was disgusted. I remembered being at a gas station years ago pumping gas. There was a boy about nine years old standing next to his dad eating a candy bar while his father put gas in their car. All of a sudden the boy through the wrapper of his candy on the ground (between his car and the garbage can). I went over and told him to put it in the garbage can. The father heard me and reprimanded his son. While I was driving I wondered if I would still do a bold maneuver like that again. Another time I was driving and the car in front of me rolled down their window and threw out two big bags of McDonald's trash that ended up flying all over the place. I wanted to pull up next to them and say something, but there were a bunch of people in the car and I was not sure if it was such a good idea.

I looked in the rear view mirror at Little Chick while driving and thought to myself, "Would I be afraid to say something now that I have my daughter with me all the time?" There are things like this I have been bold about in the past. And there are new things that I am becoming bolder and speaking up for. However, I am not sure in our society today that I would say something. Because there are too many people that fly off the handle and I have to think about protecting my daughter, I might not say anything. Do you say something?


  1. I definitely don't say anything even if I want to. Usually a dirty look to the offender will suffice :) But I agree... there are so many creepy & crazy people nowadays I would be afraid they'd flip with Gianna with me!

    I've been horrible at commenting on blogs lately so I apologize for being MIA from reading your blog lately!

  2. I love that Texas has a website you can go to and plug in a litterer's license plate number, and they will send a packet on keeping Texas clean! It's GREAT!
    I would agree, not willing to approach strangers with my kids around.
    Thinking of you!

  3. I finally got here. I've had computer problems all day so couldn't join your bloghop. But I'm glad I caught this post.

    I'm more cautious now with kids in tow. Any nut could jump out of the woods (so to speak).

    I love looking up too. I often take shots of clouds or looking up through the trees. It reminds me of lying on th grass. Lots to be thankful for!

    Happy Friday! xoxo

  4. Firstly, the pics are adorable!
    Secondly, it's definitely a tough call. If it's a child like your first story then for sure you should say something. However, if it's an adult that's look kind of shady, I'd be careful now that you have a daughter with you. You never know. People are crazy.
    What irks me is when people throw their cigarettes on the street. Not only can that start a fire, but it's gross and it's my street too! If I catch someone doing it, I usually say something unless they look scary, then I just give them the stink eye.

  5. Adorable pictures!! I must say, Little Chick looks radiantly happy in your pics! The clouds are beautiful too, a great perspective to look up at! Thanks again for the blog award, I feel blessed and honored by it! Have a great 4th of July!!

  6. It really depends on the situation - situations like the boy throwing his wrapper at the gas station, yes, I would probably say something, but the McDonalds bag situation, I wouldn't. Sad to say that my first thought would be "Are they going to follow me home? Are they going to harass/hurt me?" It's a scary world and I wouldn't want to take that chance with my child in the car.

  7. Oh, and yes, I find myself marveling at the clouds lately too!

    Have a happy 4th!!

  8. The sad truth is that it IS kind of dangerous to approach people like that now. I would probably still do it, but with caution.

    So shocking and sad that people wouldn't take the time to just throw away their garbage though. I was driving once and someone chucked a half full can of soda out their car window. Not only was it littering...but they almost hit my car with it! I got their license plate number, but nothing ever came of it.

  9. Oh grr!! People throwing out trash makes me sooo mad though I don't usually catch them in the act. I just see the trash on the side of the road or in a parking lot after they've gone. I'm bad about giving nasty looks when someone is being rude but rarely say anything. That's probably just as dangerous though! Now if I saw someone abusing an animal or a child, I know I would snap and risk my very life!

  10. Little Chick has the most beautiful smile!!
    I came by to say hi and thanks so much for the award again... i finally got around to post it..:)I'm so honored to have received it from you!!

  11. Love the pictures. Little chick is so adorable! Looks like you are having an awesome summer! :-)

  12. Just stopping by to say hello! Great post! It is hard to say something, but sometimes it's just not our place. I guess you have to decide in the moment if it seems right or not to speak up! Love the picture.

  13. Hi! I'm your newest follower from FF - love your blog! Hope to see you at Dropped Stitches!

    xo Erin

  14. Thanks for stopping by my site: Cut/Copy & Paste. I am now your newest follower! I love your site.

    Have a great 4th,


  15. Your blog is so cute!!! I love it!!! You seem like such a happy and wonderful mom!!!What an inspiration!! Your little chick is adorable. She has such abeautiful smile. I look forward to reading many more of your adventures as the mama hen.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comments.

    I am definitely going to be followin' ya.


  16. Wow Mama Hen, I'm sure you're saying alot of things that most mom's want to say and you're definitely bold. I admire that confidence. But you're right, thinking about Little Chick first is a must. I keep my mouth closed even though I feel the urge to come out and say something.

    I'm sorry I didn't link up, I seriously just kind of type my posts up real fast without ever reading it twice so I definitely overlook a lot of things. But I will link up next time, thanks for reminding me Mama Hen, take care :-D

  17. Beautiful pictures Mama. I used to be more bold about saying things like that, and now... not so much. Yes, you have to worry about safety but also comes the wisdom and knowledge that we cannot control what other people do. UGH! That in and of itself is very annoying. But I think you are setting a good example of handling even the ugly... with grace. Good Job!!

  18. I'm too soft spoken to speak up sometimes but I wish I could! Foud you on ff, following from EcoModern Mom. Have a good weekend!

    Stacey @

  19. It is so hard, because our little ones do pay attention to every single thing we do. Adorable pictures!

  20. HI... thanks for stopping by & following. I am following you now :) I love your blog, it's so cute. Your daughter is beautiful!

    I used to be VERY outspoken & have tamed down a little through the years. I will still say something, but sometimes I say it indirectly. Like - out loud but to myself, or to my kids explaining the persons behavior.

    Anyway, thanks for visiting me & have a GREAT weekend :)

  21. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am glad I got the chance to discover yours, I love it!

    I love your photos, what a little sweetheart you have!

    I agree... it can feel scary to say something now a days, can't it? That is sad, and I agree with you, people are very careless and it is awful!

    Anyway, following you back now! Have a wonderful holiday!

  22. Such cute pics!

    I do say something. I think we really have to.

    Have a great weekend.

  23. Hi - I'm following you back! I love our blog design!

  24. I teach and tell my kids that littering is bad and that we don't do it. Lead by example. But if I were to see someone throw trash on the ground I'm not sure I would say anything. You can't be too careful nowadays. The world is so unstable and society is allowing people to treat each other so badly without consequences. The truth is that the person littering knows it's not right so they get defensive and then turn their embarrassment into anger. People treat each other so rudely anymore I think I would safely give them the stink eye if I was with or without my kids.
    But we are the watchdogs of our planet and we should be able to feel safe to stand up for it. Another commenter mentioned cigarette butts, that is so annoying and sad. Wish we could do something about it. Great post Mama Hen!

  25. Thank you everyone for your super comments!

    Mama Hen



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