Thursday, June 7, 2012

Little Chick Loses Her 5th Tooth

"Oh the joy of another lost tooth and the fantastic anticipation of the tooth fairy visiting."
~Mama Hen
Little Chick lost her fifth tooth today! She was so excited. It was her front tooth. That wiggly tooth has been waiting to come out for quite some time. We celebrated with a trip to the ice cream shop for some sorbet. That also soothed it a bit. Little Chick could not wait to put it in her little suitcase and hide it under her pillow. She kept talking about her fairy, Oceana Wavey, coming tonight. I told her that she was already on her way. What a magical time it is to lose a tooth!
Yummy sorbet!
Showing Pooh bear and all her little furry buddies.
Thanksgiving Thursday: 1.) Little Chick and my family 2.) Losing teeth and the fun that comes along with it! 3.) Having fun at the beach with family friends. 4.) Thunderstorms and getting cozy with a good book. 5.) Seeing Little Chick's happy face when her tooth finally came out!


  1. That is a magical and fun time!!! She looks so cute w/ her teeth missing. That look doesn't last long so treasure it. I'm sure you will!

  2. Congratulations Little Chick. I hope the tooth fairy has raised her 'gift' to account for the rise in cost of living. lol Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  3. congrats to her! wow! I remember loving the tooth fairy SO much and pictured her as a beautiful lady that would bring me lots of money! Ha!

    Hope yall are doing well!

  4. Another tooth! Wow she's growing up fast. Hope she got to sleep so Oceana Wavey could come through :-)

  5. Cool! Hope she enjoys her visit from the Tooth Fairy!!

  6. That's fun when the tooth fairy comes. My daughter hasn't lost any teeth yet.

  7. she looks adorable with her front space : )
    we're still waiting here to loose the first teeth ..... so exciting!!

  8. So sweet! I love how cute kids look when their front teeth are missing. I hope she continues having fun with the tooth fairy! :)


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