Monday, June 4, 2012

Little Chick's First Piano Recital

"For all the effort you put into everything you do my amazing child...
I am so incredibly proud of you!" ~Mama Hen

Little Chick had her first piano recital on Sunday. The family gathered together to cheer her on. She was amazing! Her teacher told me that they only have children seven years old and older in the school and in recitals. She knew how serious Little Chick was about learning the piano and she had taken her on as a student six months ago. She is the first student at this school to do a show at five years old. Way to go Little Chick! She was fantastic! Afterwards we all went out for brunch to celebrate. Then Little Chick, my great friend Geri and I went to the beach for some afternoon fun! It was a fabulous Sunday with the family!

Little Chick plays a duet with her teacher.


  1. Awesome - way to go Little Chick!! She looks so grown up sitting at that piano. :-)

  2. That is amazing!! My daughter still gets nervous every time! Good to start them young! She looks adorable.

  3. YAY Little Chick! What an accomplishment! She's an awesome little girl!

  4. That is amazing! How wonderful to give her a appreciation of music now. Way to go little chick.
    FYI: I'm changing the name of my blog really soon. I just had the 5 year anniversary of my spouse passing. Time to move on.

  5. Do you have a video clip?!? =)

    So glad she had a great recital, and I love how your family came to support and then celebrate!

  6. Great job!! so proud of you little chick. love you xoxo

  7. Way to go Little Chick!!! That is incredible.
    Hope you are doing okay...

  8. Way to go Little Chick! I'm sorry this message is coming so late, but congratulations. To know how to ride a horse and to play the're enthusiasm and talent for so many different things is truly amazing!


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