Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ladies Luncheon

"Each moment offers an opportunity for fun and happiness. Make each day a cherished memory." ~Mama Hen
Little Chick and I love taking trips up North and enjoying a ladies luncheon. Over the weekend we decided to go to one of my favorite little towns -Essex. Since I was a teenager I always loved visiting this town. It is small, quaint and historical. When walking along the sidewalks I like to think about years ago when people were in horse and carriages. It makes me appreciate the luxuries of today (heat, electricity, transportation, etc.). It also makes me think about how strong the sense of community had to have been in order to simply survive, especially during harsh Connecticut winters. Little chick and I ate at the Griswold and we had so much fun listening to a 40's band playing. Of course, after we finished our meal, Little Chick danced up a storm! It was a wonderful day to be cherished!
Look at Little Chick dance!


  1. How fun!! This nice crisp weather is perfect for these types of trips!

  2. Wow it sure does!! It looks like another special moment for you to cherish and a wonderful memory for you both!

  3. little chick is a dashing little girl. She's so active. I love how she takes things like horse back riding, dancing, planting and everything. She's so lovely!

  4. Can't believe how much Little Chick has grown!

    Sounds like a marvelous day with Mommy!!

    :) Bianca

  5. if all the little kids were given the love and time you give your daughter -- what a different world we would live in.

    your fun together is always so inspiring to me!

  6. She's such a little ham! SHe reminds me so much of my Camdyn, who loves to "shake her tail feathers." Cam took her first horse back riding lesson yesterday and I thought of you and LC. I'll have to post some photos soon.

  7. Sounds like a wonderful time! She just keeps getting cuter every day!!


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  9. What a GREAT GREAT DAY!!! (I would have danced right there with little chick!) Little trips like this are so perfect, aren't they? I think I need to take the girls on one soon! Maybe today!


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