Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Living from the Heart

"The heart is the center of it all."
~Mama Hen
The other day Little Chick asked me if I could set up her paints. She said, "Mommy you can't look because it is a surprise." She was painting for a while and I asked if I could see. She said, "No mommy, you will love this surprise. I will let you know when it is ready." Finally she said, "Mommy you can see it now." When I came around the corner she was still painting. I squealed with delight! She just kept painting as I told her how proud I was of her. When I saw the heart in the middle my own heart just melted. The love that my daughter poured into painting that gift for me is a reminder of what it all is about. Everything we do revolves around the heart - how we use our heart, give from the heart, love from the heart and simply live from the heart.


  1. Oh, that little chick!!!! She warms my heart, so! And what a beautiful painting. That one is definitely frame worthy! Hugs, my dear friend!

  2. What a sweet little girl you have. :-)

  3. An easel! Little Chick will have hours and hours of fun with that. Looks like you'll be buying a lot of paint. :-) What a wonderful, creative tool!

  4. my goodness, look at that work! Amazing :)

    She's so creative and brilliant!!! Be Proud, Mama!!!

  5. Absolutely! Everything we do should come from the heart...what a valuable lesson.


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