Sunday, October 30, 2011

What Will We Be & Smile Sunday

"So many choices and so many dreams. A lifetime to fulfill them." ~Mama Hen
Little Chick loves to play dress up! This Halloween we had many choices of what we could be, but Little Chick knew right away what her decision would be. Hmmmmmmm! Will she be a ballerina? A bumble bee? The belle of the ball? Snow White? Lolli wanted to participate in the decision making process and dressed up as well. It snowed here this weekend! We have no power and are at Grandma Hen's house again (thank you Grandma Hen). We hope you are having a wonderful Smile Sunday!
A bumble bee?
The belle of the ball?
Snow White?


  1. I choose snow white!!! But they are all adorable on such a precious, sweet girl :) Happy Halloween!

  2. She looks amazing in all her costumes! Hope your power is back on soon!

  3. Adorable, all of it! And I JUST LOVE that the dog is involved in every single one!

  4. How gorgeous are they. I love the Bumble Bee and Belle of the Ball costunes. Happy Halloween!

  5. How fun, she looks great in all the costumes! Hope you had a lovely Halloween and your power comes back soon.

  6. What a storm! I hope this doesn't mean that you are in for a really rough winter up there! glad your power is finally back on!


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