Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fate & Thanksgiving Thursday

"Fate is a combination of hope and what is meant to be."
~Mama Hen
Last week while Little Chick was in school I took Lolli to the beach for a long walk. She absolutely loves going for walks and seeing all her furry companions. Each time we approached a dog her tail would wag and she would do the happy dance. It was very cute to see. At one point we bumped into a beautiful black dog named Emma. I began talking with her mom and an extraordinary story came about. I had mentioned that we rescued Lolli over the summer. She replied that she had rescued her dog about a month ago. I asked her what shelter and it turns out we had gotten our dogs from the same shelter. This was pretty amazing because the shelter was an online rescue site. We continued to talk and I said that my dog had come from Arkansas. She said, "My dog came from Arkansas also!" I then said that my dog had a litter and that is when they found her in a ditch. She said that her dog had babies, as well. Then I said that my dog had already been placed, but the family had not treated her well and needed to be placed again. She said that the same thing happened to her. We could not believe it! That night I e-mailed the kind woman from the shelter and told her that I had met Emma. She could not believe it either! She said that Lolli and Emma had been in the same shelter in Arkansas and she wondered if they had recognized one another. She also said that there was a video of the two dogs in Arkansas playing together at the shelter. She sent it to me along with a video of Lolli's babies. It was incredible! Fate has a way of working out in wondrous ways! Here is the video of Lolli and Emma playing in Arkansas: Have a happy Thanksgiving Thursday!Thanksgiving Thursday: 1.) Little Chick and my family. 2.) God's ever abundant blessings! 3.) My mom always helping out! Thank you mommy! 4.) Little Chick's wonderful gift of making everyone around her smile. 5.) For long walks on the beach with Lolli.


  1. What a sweet story! It's amazing how small the world is sometimes, isn't it??!!

  2. What a sweet story! It is such a small world, isn't it? Even in a dog's world!!!! You never know when paths will cross. LOVE that this happened to you!!!

  3. Unbelievable story. Wow!!!

    Have missed visiting here, my friend, and catching all your news. I've been swamped and MIA. But I'm glad to pop in and see that you're doing fine!!


  4. That is pretty amazing to run into another dog from the same shelter in a completely different state! Lolli is lucky to have such an amazing adoptive family!

  5. That was an amazing story. Lolli recognized Emma. Fate is really magical.

  6. What a wonderful story!

    New follower :)

  7. Wow! That's really a crazy coincidental meeting!

  8. that is SO cool!!! love connections .....


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